Which means if I can’t get a translator by the time it starts airing, I won’t be able to fansub the series.

Anyone out there who can manage? Only needs to be a purely translated script; no timing, typesetting or any of that needed whatsoever. Preferably, be able to translate the script sometime within the 24 hours of the episode airing. Everything else will be handled. Thanks to anyone who can answer the rollcall!

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2 Responses to CLANNAD TV Translator MIA

  1. Espr says:

    I’ll try. I can’t honestly say it’ll work, but I’ll do my best.

  2. AbstractBlueSky says:

    How many translators are currently on the project? If there aren’t too many, or if there is space for a part-timer translator, I can help out. I’m still learning, but I can at least pick up the smaller pieces. Let me know if I can do anything.