Clannad Universe Lineup (unofficial)

If Kyoto Animation were to go the multiple universe path, I think it’d be like…

  • Universe 1: Nagisa
    • Sunoharas’
    • Koumura
    • Fuuko
    • Yukine
    • Misae
  • Universe 2: Kyou
    • Ryou
    • Kappei
  • Universe 3: Tomoyo
  • Universe 4: Kotomi

I won’t list the After Story yet as that one will be fairly linear and easy to write a story for. Of course, Nagisa’s After Story will end up an extension of Universe 1. The only other extension that will exist is for Universe 3, and that would be Tomoyo After.

All the characters are covered using these four universes, so Mei, Koumura, Fuuko, and Yukine could be written off as secondary characters that help move the storyline; Ryou and Kappei is obvious; Misae is also obvious as well.

UPDATE (6/22): Based on the conditions laid out, Misae’s route looks like it’ll end up in Universe 1. Now Tomoyo and Kotomi have ended up independent. :S

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2 Responses to Clannad Universe Lineup (unofficial)

  1. Amoirsp says:

    Kotomi’s universe is so independent despite seemingly easier to implement. Aka so independent it can coexist (many early Tomoyo and Kyou scenes work independently, yet can both coexist, though obviously in the game you either completely forgo seeing Kotomi or completely forgo everything else in the game.). Kotomi’s scenario is probably easier to implement because it incorporates three other girls with ease, all within the parametres of their personalities.

    I don’t know what to say about Fuuko. The scenario of recognising or not recognising or knowing someone or not knowing something or a different use of her is apparent throughout the game. The only similarity is that the personality is about the same but the level of knowing her is different in different paths. My main point is I don’t think Tomoya knowing Fuuko in Fuuko’s route is anywhere near compared to knowing Fuuko in Nagisa’s route (in a sense I don’t think she had anything to do with it, which is why you don’t recognise her in the same matter. As far as Fuuko in Tomoyo’s route, well she’s a bit useless, despite being ironically strangely consistent).

    I find it funny that Youhei isn’t listed, though that’s obvious, and that he’s in every path, and that an ending with him is a bad one. Universe 2 won’t really have any hint of Nagisa, since she’s a non-factor, so the concern is the gap feeling. I suppose a lot of things already can coexist, so remedying for overrides isn’t so bad.

    I guess illusionary world goes with Universe 1, haha. You make this sound more simple than it was complicated. I wonder if the duration is really 24, 26, or 39. Something tells me out of the five main girls, Nagisa would be used the most, followed by Kyou, then Tomoyo, then Fuuko, then Kotomi.

    I wonder how the romance with Nagisa will be convincing. If these universes exist and use a neutral standpoint, if the story delves into a non-universe 1 too much, then the love may be too jumpy (note that this was one clear kanon 2006 problem). Though I don’t know, since the two more incorporative characters, Kyou and Tomoyo, have the most similarities to Tomoya, so I always think Nagisa provides what Tomoya lacked the most in a sense (or the need for each other is somewhat higher?). Obviously in the game the scenarios don’t co-exist, but in the anime it would, so Kyoto Animation would also have to delve a method that makes Nagisa not only apparent (that’s easy), but convincing (Ayu wasn’t that convincing at all). Though at least some Kanon weaknesses can easily be overriden.

    However this does make it all the more interesting. The potential is quite good. If it’s executed well, I’ll be quite satisfied.

  2. velocity7 says:

    The only ending that isn’t bad with him is the Sunoharas’ route (updated), of course that also involves his sister. I haven’t played the route myself, but from what I could gather, it follows more or less something similar to Kappei’s route (in terms of relationship between main person from the route and Tomoya).

    Also, just a heads up, the entire game itself mostly comprises 75% School Life and 25% After Story. Although 25% After Story makes it seem small, you have to consider that you have to share the School Life content across some 10 or 11 characters, who each have their own routes. That leaves only 6~8% for each character alone on average, which is certainly a lot smaller than the After Story arc alone. And although After Story has its own routes as well, they are fewer and all of them can linearly join up to actually form up the entire arc.

    If School Life is going to be 26 episodes, After Story is likely going to be 13, much like AIR. Currently I’m going to assume a 39-episode series at this point until further notice (another possibility is 26-episode series, then a series of OVAs for After Story).

    If they also maintain the multiple universe ordeal, it will give them leeway to do a Tomoyo After series as well, but that will likely be 13 episodes.