Coming soon…

This came at the end of Kanon episode 24 while I was fansubbing. :O

Clannad Preview

Funny that, I was planning on tacking a promotional video for the CLANNAD Game Translation Project at the end of the episode as well! For shame.

I’ll be posting both the karaoke’d version of the CLANNAD TV promotion by Kyoto Animation, as well as the CLANNAD Game Translation Project promotional video later tonight.

Sushi-Y says that insider information reveals an early 2008 release for CLANNAD TV. Hopefully by then I’ll be in at least internal beta with a 100% TL done for the game. :)

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One Response to Coming soon…

  1. deltazechs says:

    Keep up the good work! You guys are doing a great job so far. Hopefully more people will join the translation project with the arrival of Clannad series

    It’s a shame I can’t help with translation (don’t know Japanese), but I eager anticipate the day your project comes into fruition. Many groups (including Chinese translation) had started this project but never quite finished it. Hopefully your project will be the first English translation of Clannad to be completed!