Catchup time

A bit of a rant, read more if you dare.

It’s been, I don’t know, maybe three weeks since I last updated this blog? A lot of changes in terms of software have come around recently, and although I’ve gotten around to updating, I feel like it’s not really a big priority for me to indulge in what I do around here.

Though, for the most part, the CLANNAD Game Translation project is going well. Kanon’s about to end at episode 24, and that’ll end my fansubbing run for the time being. I don’t plan on picking up any more fansubs for now, as the quality of anime in recent days has been few and far between. I can only pray that there will be better stuff out there soon. The good news is, once Kanon 24 is done and over with, I’ll have time to finish up the HQ prints for all the episodes I missed (that’s 18-24) and then I can get on with working on CLANNAD.

Speaking of which, the CLANNAD game translation is now around the 28% mark. rabidkimba has been pretty consistent and has been translating on a regular basis; he’s also doing Nagisa’s route, as well. I look forward to when that’s done; for the time being, I’m promoting him to main translator status. If you want that status, be like rabidkimba and commit yourself. 😉

What routes are done right now, you ask? They’d be Miyazawa Yukine, Fuuko Master, Illusionary World (幻想世界), and the baseball scenarios. Though maybe about 1~2% of the lines are missing, at least 98% of the translation of those routes are done, and is most likely playable if I were to render a patch. To be honest though, I have no idea what Fuuko Master is all about. ^^;

Now the question is, how do you make this all go faster? Here’s a simple answer. Help with the wiki! That’s what it’s for, and although we’re working on a consistent basis to get this translation done, bitching and moaning about what we’re doing won’t help one bit. If you bitch and moan and don’t even bother to contribute constructively to the wiki, I doubt you’d be one of the people deserving the patch to begin with.

Clannad Game TL Wiki

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