Kanon 14


Yuuichi is eager to become a bunny girl. Akiko’s jam strikes again.


Sayuri makes a sad, sad attempt to try and be a Flame Haze like Mai. What does she do instead? Kill her brother, Executioner-style, and then she slits her wrists. “Crawling in my skin…”


I’ll be honest with you, this scene was probably one of the most stunning and dramatic anime sequences I’ve looked at thus far. Great screenplay and script writing… if only Kyoto Animation didn’t have this Mai-fetish. Yuuichi must have the strength of a thousand men to be able to knock a claymore that high… then how’d he get his ass handed to him from before?


Mai’s internal conflict with being a flame haze gets the better of her. (actually, I really liked this scene, with how Yuuichi was consoling her and all) Though the way he held her head like that, it looks like he was about to kiss her. Of course, that’d be the wrong time to try that stunt, eh, KyonYuuichi?


Cue the Final Fantasy battle theme! “Surrounded!”

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