Kanon 13


Kaori’s looking over there… any boxcutters?


Kuze reminds me of the Computer Club president from Haruhi, in his “I’m going to kick your ass” mode. You know, the mode he demonstrated in The Day of Sagittarius. Mai, on the other hand, has the “if you piss me off I’m going to slice your head off” look. No, won’t be with boxcutters, as she has a claymore handy at all times (where did she grab it during episode 12 anyway?)


Mai’s undergoing the same problem as Shana; the “I’m a Flame Haze” and “You’re a Torch” identity crisis. Must be because she realized she isn’t the main heroine of this anime. Of course, she shouldn’t be taking out her anger on dogs; talk about animal cruelty.


I would never have noticed the Sloth reference until someone had brought it up. Though I wonder about “pikyuu” and “three years ago…”


Yuuichi, you phail at fighting. You’re no Saito, and you don’t have a giant blade that’s freaking heavy and deals massive damage. Also, is it just me or is Kyoto Animation emphasizing way too much on Mai’s figure during fighting? :3

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