Three types of kings

Someone’s been playing a little too much Ace Combat Zero.

Posted by Sushi-Y:

While we’re at it, the official site has been updated with some special commentaries from some of the big shots: Urobuchi Gen, Nasu Kinoko, Takeuchi Takashi, and Haganeya Jin.

As expected, the only person with any intention of making a proper commentary was Takeuchi-san. The other three just screwed around as usual.

Haganeya-san’s commentary gave me a good laugh.
There are three kind of kings:
(Japanese: The one who craved for tyranny)
(Japanese: The one who lived by the code of chivalry)
King Arthur
(Japanese: The one who can’t get a clue)

…Wait, that’s my Gil-sama you’re talking about there!
…Well, it’s the truth anyway.

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