RS3? NiGHTS on Wii?

At least that’s what this site says. I had heard of rumors for Radiant Silvergun 3, but hearing about NiGHTS being brought to Wii… Oh boy.

Alex Terris says:

“Famitsu’s sources claim that Sonic Team had planned a sequel years ago for the Dreamcast, and it would have come with a “tilt sensor” controller, but they had to drop the project due to the untimely death of the great console. The Revolution’s 3D controller will be able to do what Sonic Team was hoping for and more, so we could finally see the continued adventures of Elliot and Claris.”

So the rumor’s been running since April, huh. Let’s hope that NiGHTS game does come through. Mind you, I still haven’t played the original game, but trying it at a kiosk still counts, right?

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