What fansubbing is

Now the reason why I haven’t commented much on how the current Sprocket-TWH collaboration is doing on fansubbing is mainly due to the amount of flamebait it might catch from people currently watching Kanon. There are a number of things I’ll mention here.

Fansubbing is mostly a hobby. It’s either done for fun, experience, or interest. No one is being paid to do it, and most certainly no one is motivated to do it just because the people demand it. If fansubbers decide to be slow in their quality releases, you should respect their decision for doing so. It’s not like it’s the end of the world if your “SS-Eclipse fix hasn’t come in”, as one AnimeSuki forum-goer had put it. These are the type of leechers I most certainly discourage, and I’m sure a lot of other fansubbing groups agree with this.

There’s also the speed and quality-sub camps. I really, really don’t give a damn about what either of these two say. We sub because we sub, and it’s not to please the camps in one way or another. The reason why we sub Kanon so fast is because I want to get it out of the way after I’m done with it, so I can enjoy my Phantasy Star Universe fix, see. :)

Lastly, don’t disrespect any of the groups. Even if we are releasing fast, SS-Eclipse and AFK are good groups too. Their releases have different nuances than ours, and if you prefer their release over ours, then please feel free to grab theirs. I don’t ever expect our releases to be considered the be-all end-all.

And no, I didn’t post this article to look good or anything. I just didn’t like the tone of some people on AnimeSuki who get “pissed off that their SS-Eclipse” fix doesn’t come in. Please respect Mentar and his crew. :3

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