Code Geass 1-4


Oh noez! I’m actually covering another anime that’s not Sad Girls in Snow!

Okay, seriously. Although one of the storywriters comes from Gundam SEED, you have an entire staff with experience from Gasaraki, Eureka 7, the works! Best of all, you have CLAMP character designs (with some influence on storyline from them I might add), and this may end up being one of my favorite mecha anime shows.

Lelouche’s all “end justifies means” and Suzaku’s “means justifies end”, though they both seem to be heading in a generally gray direction. I wonder how both are going to handle taking down Britannia. Although a lot of what’s happened thus far hints towards a Suzaku vs. Lelouche thing, I beg to differ. It seems more like they plan to collaborate from time to time but try to avoid fighting each other unless absolutely necessary (given circumstances).

… seriously though. I look at a few of these characters and I keep thinking of Fye and Kurogane from Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle, Suzaku being Syaoran, Lelouche being Kamui. It’s just that sad. At the same time though, you could say that they don’t look alike, but they seem that way in likeness and personality.
If we were to think about it that way, you could say that our “Kamui” is going to figure out what he’s doing wrong, “Syaoran” is going to figure out why things aren’t always what they seem, etc. It’ll work out.

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