Unbalanced FOs

FOs are too damn unbalanced. Deega at level 30 has been reported to damage monsters for some nasty 2200~2500, which is impossible for any HU/RA to perform within that same amount of time. So this is what I propose…

Let us classify skill levels in C/B/A-Levels. So C-Levels would be Levels 1-10, B-Levels would be 11-20, and A-Levels would be 21-30. Since the PP cost is the same from 1-10, 11-20, and 21-30 respectively, it’s better to assume it this way.

  1. Higher, worse exponential curve going from C to A-Level for techniques. You can blame Deega for this one.
  2. Being able to choose whether or not to cast at C/B/A-Levels for bullets/techniques. I’m surprised that Forces don’t have this ability; it’s a bit on the Ragnarok Online style, but allows for more freedom on deciding whether to go overkill on a monster, or use only what’s absolutely needed in order to get the job done.

You’re probably wondering why I neglected skills; this is because Hunters already have the ability to decide whether or not to finish their combo beyond the first hit. They won’t get this luxury one bit. Rangers do though, since they only shoot once and sometimes Rangers do need to save up on ammo, at the cost of damage potential.

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One Response to Unbalanced FOs

  1. voxie says:

    Up to 2500 from Deega LV30?! Has to be seen to be believed, that is darn high o_o