Why the PSU server sucks

Okay. What kind of asshats are actually running this game?


We apologize for this great and continued inconvenience.
In the process of implementing the planned content updates, serious problems were encountered.
Due to these events, we will be postponing the update.
We will make an announcement tomorrow October 13, with new information regarding the update.

If it were up to me, I’d do the following:

  1. Have a test server running at all times alongside live server; if test server checks out with new content/changes, put it on live server. Then I can guarantee 2-hour maintenances.
  2. Use SQL server with relation tables for shops. Searches would run a lot faster compared to using .txt files for shops.
  3. Look over the algorithm used for handling users playing all at once.

If SEGA of America hired programmers to work on the PSU database/server stuff I’d join in right away. It’s quite clear SEGA of Japan is incompetent when it comes to programming for a PC environment, let alone the server/database itself.

I fear for people who play the Xbox 360 version coming up soon… if it’s being programmed by SEGA of America, you guys may have better luck. Otherwise, prepare for the worst…

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