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In the wake of the new blog having been brought into play, most of my Movable Type entries from April had died out due to issues with the SQL server. Those entries happened to be Fate/stay night related, so I’ll summarize here.

It all boils down to the following; you have a concept written by TYPE-MOON which is, for the most part, popular, complete, amazing, etc. and you screw it up as an anime. Miserably. That was Tsukihime.

Now it’s Fate/stay night.

The biggest problems that came up with Studio DEEN’s rendition of the anime probably stems from the fact that in the interviews with the director, there was a lot of talk involving coming up with an “original scenario” that borrowed elements from the FATE, Unlimited Blade Works, and Heaven’s Feel scenarios.

Keeping this in mind I had started to watch through the first five episodes… only to find how slow it was and a lot of shortcuts taken to avoid fighting (including but not limited to a plethora of dialogue). I had endured it only because I thought these were the flaws of a novel to anime adaptation but when you think of the Haruhi adaptation, you think something went seriously wrong here.
And during the course of the anime’s run, we get parts of UBW which were not supposed to happen given how the scenario ran, run back to stuff from FATE for a very long period of time, throw in a bit of UBW, and then at the last minute from HF. And then finish off with FATE.

sakura.jpgYou know what? Screw it. Because in the end, this was just a FATE scenario with a few minor adjustments trying to “fill in as much as possible but didn’t and spat it all out” sort of thing, as a friend had nicely described it.

If Studio DEEN was planning on simply making the FATE scenario, I would have been okay with that. Don’t spend time on any of the other routes, and focus more on some of the fights and less of the talking. After all, in a computer game novel the dialogue is only intense because of the fact that it is a novel. You don’t do that in an anime. It becomes blatantly obvious and turns off a lot of new viewers.

Not only that, a lot of the episodes look like they were two-parters; episodes 1 and 2 could have been made up to be one episode, for example. (speaking of which, a throw-in from Fate/hollow ataraxia in episode 1)


You know the worst part of all this? It’s that Kinoko Nasu was actually okay with this crap. Only to realize he’s created a monster that no one wants to see again.

I saw everything except for the last episode which I could not care for; I don’t know if that’s cruel or insulting, but that’s just how I feel about this anime. I’d rather wait for Mirror Moon‘s translation of Fate/stay night, let alone Tsukihime. And I mean the games.

In the end, the anime sucked.

saber.jpgI’m not saying that the FATE scenario is garbage; it can be a really great scenario, or it could be a really great scenario that’s been terribly translated into an anime with some horrible flaws thrown in for good measure. And the same could happen for UBW and HF. So we have another Tsukihime again, only worse and without a good sense of direction.

And by the way, the Haruhi anime adaptation was so much more faithful to its original material than any other anime has ever managed to achieve (other than Kyoto Animation’s other works, but that doesn’t count). If only animators loved their works that much…

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