Reset as expected

So we have a reset on Sept. 6, followed by a limitation of server capacity and such. We only had two days’ worth of PSU anyway, so this was certainly coming. Boohoo to those who went powerleveling and such all the way to 20; I didn’t even get that far anyhow, and I’m behind on that.

uhawww’s translation follows this post.

“On September 3rd, we halted server operations.
This report (@Sept 5, 11pm JST) concerns the reopening of the Network servers.

As previously announced, we will be reopening the game servers for Phantasy Star Universe tomorrow evening (Sept. 6). As also noted previously, almost immediately after the servers were opened, there were reports of network stability issues, and as the population increased, we saw a congruent increase in character data failure reports. We have verified the server and character errors, and through an extended overhaul of the network system, have hopefully rectified it.

We then came to determine how best to proceed into the future. Unfortunately, the possibility of the introduction of game balance issues (*If people exploited the errors before the rollback data was saved) has forced us to enact a complete initialization of the Network data. In effect, we will have to wipe all characters, equipment, items, partner cards, and etc. prior to reinitializing the system.

Furthermore, as noted in the server stoppage and server testing announcements, adjustments in any and all scopes of server and character data may be enacted in the process of maintaining the integrity and playability of the game.

We apologize again for any inconvience this may cause. We have been attacking the network problems with full force and we ask for your cooperation and suport once the servers reopen.

For further information, please refer to the previous announcements regarding the server stoppage.”

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