From Ramblings of DarkMirage:

I was browsing Kyo-ani’s official site when I came across these Official Haruhi cels on sale at Kyo-ani’s web store.

Haruhi Cel 1Haruhi Cel 2

The cels are created from the original data used in the anime (which is pure CG) and limited to one per person. Each one comes in an album that protects the cel and an accompanying certificate is printed with your name, the episode number and the cut number. They are not mass produced and it takes about two months upon ordering to ship.

Haruhi Cel 3Haruhi Cel 4

15,000 yen is a shit load of money, though. It’s also somewhat disappointing that my favourite scenes from “Live Alive” and “Yuuutsu VI” are not included. Still, it may be a good investment to buy one of these and keep it for a few years… <_ <

Can someone say eBay?

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