Guess SEGA screwed up. They should have had an Open Beta to begin with…

From PSO-World:

In an effort to address character corruption and unintended item duplication, Sonic Team will be performing a rollback. Here is the news announcement as translated by uhawww:

Beginning last night, there were some issues with reading character data. We have discovered a related issue were item and meseta duplication was possible if this issue was exploited.

We consider this problem critical, however we are unable to respond individually to this problem based on the number of inquiries we have recieved. Also, we have projected that this issue will cause unrecoverable problems in the future if left as is.

Because of this, we will be enacting a rollback to a time prior to last evening when the anomalies occured. We are currently developing plans to compensate players who currently have active characters, though it has not been formulated yet.

In case there are any further problems, your corresponence is not only appreciated, but critical at this time.

We apologize for these issues from the bottom of our hearts and we ask for your utmost understanding, however if we do not resolve these issues immediately, the playability of the game would be compromised, and we have a wish and goal to maintain a fair and level playing field for all players for a long time.

Honestly, they should either give us a certain amount of meseta for playtime that’s lost through the rollback, or give us some EXP multiplier (4x or so for 24 hours). Either would do just fine.

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One Response to Rollback

  1. Joseph says:

    I think SEGA should have done a background on people who signed up for the beta and i think these people who dupes and sell mesata with real money currency should be banned from any game permanently.