Game Clear!

And thus ends Story Mode for PSU. 20 hours if you rush it, especially with the Double Saber Photon Art spamming and all. JonathanF has taken an interest to how I finished so I’ll be giving him a few tips here and there, helping him research his way to creating a speedrun. Cheers to that. The game is only 12 chapters offline btw:

ok, game clear data is basically restarting you at beginning of chapter 12 again but with your stats carried over… that’s about it
probably could get the ending again but meh
now, here’s my critiques for this game…
1. although lip syncing for the most part is good, they should have put more effort into making sure it was perfect
2. how did they compress the movies? they seemed a bit low-resolution to me
3. massive slowdown during final boss fight
4. game clear data should have been a new game+ or extra mode+ instead
5. there should have been a gallery mode to view movies and cutscenes for those who have a game clear data flag

Now if Extra Mode actually allows some stuff as a result of the Clear Data Flag, I might retract statement #5. Overall, this game was good, but obviously SEGA wants your moneys and wants you online. Boo~

By the way, Famitsu gave this 35/40. An accurate rating, if I might say so myself.

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