Phantasy Star Universe

First off, the preorder business.

Because I was one of the more unfortunate ones to have preordered Phantasy Star Universe only two weeks in advance, NCSX was planning to put me on the backburner. Fortunately, kyori had preordered all the way back in January and cancelled his preorder, so I asked for priority with him and I got it. That should hopefully solve my problem for now; I hope the game gets shipped today.

EDIT: Speaking of which, they appear to have it in stock now. Hurrah!
Now for the game stuff. (no screens, sorry)

PSU is an action RPG that involves a lot of slashing and cutting things up with Photon Arts, shooting things up with rifles/guns/etc., or just plain using magic with a variety of staves and rods at your disposal. Considered the successor to Phantasy Star Online, the game has evolved tremendously and solved the major problems with PSO:

  • repetitive music, combat, gameplay concept
  • framerate (if you play on the PC version that is)
  • lack of vehicle usage
  • character customization
  • teamwork-oriented missions
  • storyline

That said, I’ve cleared up to Chapter 7 so far, and am running through Chapter 8. Anyone who says that the story is crap just because Ethan always says 「俺はイーサン・・・イーサンウエバーだ」 is a total dumbass and needs to eat their words. The story is refreshing, it’s great, it’s got the conspiracy/mecha/sci-fi aspects you always wanted but no one else delivered for some reason.

Speaking of which, chapters in the Story Mode are presented in an anime-like fashion; they have a prologue moment (Shakugan no Shana) and the usual opening/ending movies (even with credits, for the ending movie that is). You’ll get a chance to save your game between chapters as well as at blue globe save points of sorts. (on that note, please please please always keep a savegame for the Opening portion of the Chapter, because for some reason SEGA was stupid to not put a “reset chapter” button somewhere)

More on this game later, I’m still playing, and waiting for my PC copy to arrive so I can start playing online. Network Mode for PSU opens in about 6 hours (at the time of this writing).

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